Where Life and Meaning Meet


At the intersections where the demands of everyday life and the longing for lasting meaning meet, there's often a tangle of traffic and a lot noise--a great deal of movement, but little sense of direction.

In the rushed busyness and confusing clatter of our culture, I help individuals and groups to live and work with a sense of purpose, meaning, and hope; to explore questions of values, ethics, and spirit; and to discern the truth, beauty, and goodness which "hide in plain sight" all around us.



I'm a writer, speaker, and consultant who helps people discover the fullness and flourishing of life, deal with ethical issues, enhance the effectiveness of their leadership, and align their practices with their values. 

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I'm available to speak to professional and community groups, not- for-profit organizations, and congregations and also to consult with leaders individually or in group settings. Contact me here.

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